Erasmus Party - BRASIL & LATINO

Jeudi 18 octobre 2012 - Loft Club (Le)

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Erasmus Party - BRASIL & LATINO Jeudi 18 octobre 2012

***** Erasmus & International Students Lyon presentent ******

"Erasmus Party BRASIL& LATINO!"


Thursday night, come enjoy Latine and Brazilian vibes :
Salsa, Bachata, Merengue; Reaggeton and R&B...and also Erasmus music ( Electro house & Pop rock).

Our GUEST DJ ALFREDO , one of the well known latin DJs in LYON is going to make you discover the hot ambiance of Latin America and to make you dance on the electric rythm of The legendary musics of the RIO's CARNAVAL with all the last Hits of the moment!!!

In this cold weather and with the winter time coming,it 's the perfect moment to get back with the faithful boyfriend or girlfriend ever: " THE BLANKET"....!!!!
...But we have a better idea for you to get warm !!! you can come join THE FREE SALSA & BACHATA courses Before 00H00 ; 2 sessions are planed ...the first one at 23H00 and the second one at 23H30...

And Finally A capoeira SHow with Brazilian dancers will fix definitly the tempeture and let everyone agree That thursday is going to be very CALIENTE!!!

FLuos and many goodies are going to be distributed and of course there is FREE CREPES all the night !!

"SO ERASMUS PEOPLE what 's your profession?

///Dress code: flower color, Brasil, Latino

En partenariat avec :
- Soonight
-Fédé inter upil

Where ?
7 Rue Renan, Métro Jean Macé

Pre ticket + one drink : 10€ (limited)
At the door + one drink : 12€

Pre tickets are available / Disponibles :
► bar Le République , 1 place de l'hopital (Métro Bellecour) from 3pm till 7pm Monday to Thursday

Number of preventes are limited, first arrived first served !!

Important informations
NO ENTRANCE IS ALLOWED without ID (with picture and date of birth).
Carte d'identité OBLIGATOIRE

It is not allowed to enter the club with jackets or bags (even small ones), so you will have to leave them at the cloakroom that costs 2 euros.
Vestiaire OBLIGATOIRE 2€
Loft Club
7 rue renan , 69007 Lyon
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