Halloween : Les meilleurs déguisements pour chien trouvés sur la toile !

Halloween : Les meilleurs déguisements pour chien trouvés sur la toile !
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Chaque année, nous nous déguisons pour la soirée d’Halloween et pourquoi notre chien n’y aurait pas droit ? SoonNight a sélectionné pour vous les meilleurs déguisements pour nos petits compagnons !

Un chien citrouille ! (Il n’a pas l’air ravi c’est vrai…)

Je crois qu’il veut des bonbons croquettes !


Bruxinha @golden.penelope ???????????????????? #halloweenpet #terrazoo

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Alors là…trop bien fait !


@bannerthesuperdog knows how to do Halloween right. Anyone else dressing up their pet for Halloween? Tag me in the photos and i'll share @Regranned from @bannerthesuperdog - Not sure if anyone has noticed but Halloween is my favorite holiday. I do costumes all year but mom gets to feed the horror-side of cosplay during the fall. We have worked all evening touching up my zombie dog costume for tomorrow: Walker Stalker Convention We only get to go one day but I am so pumped! Mom’s celebrity crush, Michael Rooker, will be there, and that’s PROBABLY where you can find us. This is just a wardrobe check, but tomorrow... there will be BLOOD! Fun Fact: Mom has a crippling fear of zombies. They are the one monster she cannot tolerate and they haunt her nightmares. She started watching The Walking Dead to try and face her fear head on. Turns out, the show only bothered her a little in the beginning, and then she was fine. The fact they film this show only a few hours away from us makes it interesting. What monster scares you most? #zombie #zombiedog #walkerstalkerconvention #walkerstalker #cosplay - #regrann #halloween #halloweenpet #petcostume #cosplaypet #cosplay #dogswhocosplay

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Bouuuuh il fait peur …

Ils ont l’air heureux !

Quelle jolie petite sorcière !

Un véritable super-héros !

Juste excellent ce pirate !

Alors, allez-vous déguiser votre animal pour Halloween ?

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