Vendredi 17 juin 2011 - Rockhal (Le)

OZZY OSBOURNE : Scream Vendredi 17 juin 2011

The Rockhal is proud to announce an exceptional concert for 2011. “The Prince of Darkness” in person, Ozzy Osbourne, will hit the stage at the Main Hall on 17 June. Don’t miss this rare opportunity!

Who hasn’t heard of his legendary band, Black Sabbath? Few are those who don’t know Ozzy Osbourne. We’re talking about an extraordinary personality here, a living metal legend, be it as the singer of Black Sabbath or later on as a solo artist, an artist with an incredibly strong stage presence who carries everybody off into his own universe with his unique voice. His songs like “Dreamer” and “Mama I’m coming Home” have conquered the world.

His musical career is particularly linked to his time with Black Sabbath in the sixties and seventies. Ozzy was the bands’s key figure: he wrote the songs, classical metal ear worms such as “Black Sabbath”, “Paranoid”, “War Pigs” and “Rock ’N’ Roll Doctor”. After several years at Black Sabbath, Ozzy turned the page and started his solo career. He never had the same success as with Black Sabbath, but Ozzy continued to hit the headlines, especially with his more than turbulent, excessive private life.

As from 2001, he even starred his own reality TV show, “The Osbournes”, during which he and his family showed their chaotic family life to the entire world, as proper for a real rock star. But he’s left the strongest impression as a musician. When you’re talking about of Ozzy Osbourne, you’re speaking of a music legend that will forever remain in the history. Like his wife, Sharon once said: "If the world is about to go down, only cockroaches, Ozzy and Keith Richards will be left".

The Rockhal is further thrilled to announce the metal-core quartet, Bullet for My Valentine as special guest for the show of Ozzy Osbourne. Often referred to as the best British metal band to emerge in years, they will prove themselves more than worthy as an opening act for “the prince of darkness”. Since their start in 2003, Bullet for My Valentine have been taking cues from '80s metal bands and the punk-infused metal of the new millennium to make melodic, metallic, dark rock songs.

For all you Ozzy fans out there, don’t be too late for the show because Bullet for My Valentine are definitely a Must-see. Whether you have seen their first appearance at the Rockhal or not, the day they will be sharing the stage with the “prince of darkness” will be legendary.

On 17 June 2011, the Rockhal and its audience are going to host a living legend of metal, for a very “rock ’n’ roll” night, as Ozzy would say.
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